The Intravenous State

‘The Intravenous State’ is a play on words that recognises states’ roles in bringing the contemporary corporation to life. The beginnings of the corporation as a legal entity (legally an individual) began in the late 19th century United States with the recognition that the corporation could be protected under the 14th amendment in US law. Since the beginning of the 20th century corporations have grown, often with the assistance of nation states, to become richer and larger than most countries in the world. The corporation can be seen as both the cause and solution to the world’s current issues. On one side, corporations have caused a great amount of damage to individuals and natural environments, however, they have also been the source of tremendous innovation that has contributed to improving the lives of many. However, many of these innovations have come at a cost for poorer countries who have seen no improvement to their citizens’ lives and the natural resources of their countries looted in collaboration with local regimes.

If you wish to learn more about the role of the corporation in society there are two very worthwhile documentaries by Joel Bakin, you can find them here ->