I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki in Finland under the supervision of Dr. Sanna T Lehtinen, Ass. Prof. Venla Bernelius and Prof. Mari Vaattovaara.

My research focuses on the mediation of new urban spaces through digital visualising technologies. Positioned in the context of the current urban renewal across the city of Helsinki, my research examines how the areas of Pasila and Kalasatama are mediated through digital visualising technologies such as smartphones, electronic screens, and surveillance. A key discussion currently ongoing in the media regarding urban renewal in Helsinki centres around what types of places are being created and their liveability (Helsingin Sanomat 2020; YLE 2020; Kauppalehti 2020; MTV Uutiset 2021; Seura 2021). Through the article-based research, I am analysing the mediation of new urban spaces and the formation of urban publics through digital visualising technologies. My research examines the prevalence of the digital image in society and how the networks it is distributed through form phenomenally transparent windows that shape our understanding of the world. You can also read about my research on my blog and watch some videos on my YouTube channel.

I am currently working on my first article, ‘#kalasatama: Discursive Views of Helsinki Through the Virtual Window’, which has been funded by the City of Helsinki.