Photography and Storytelling

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Are you interested in creating photographic projects with complex narratives? The course is designed for those who wish to get a little more from their images. We will examine everything from the basics of constructing a message through the photographic image to creating more complex narratives through a series of images. You will learn how to communicate using the photographic image and to express yourself clearly and effectively through it. At the end of the course each participant will have acquired the skills to research and produce a series of photographic images with an interconnected narrative.

Course Duration: One evening per week for 6 weeks.
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6 classes, 1 per week. Course is 56€.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in:

  • Documentary photography
  • Telling stories with images for social media or other types of campaigns
  • Studying photography full-time at university or through some other educational institute
  • Improving research skills with photography

Course Details

At the beginning of the course each participant will learn how to communicate effectively with photography. You will also complete small exercises outside class to help in learning the necessary skills for research and documentation with photography. Each participant will receive feedback on their work in order to help develop their skills. If you are developing your own projects I can also advise on how to research and approach the project from the perspective of photographing it.

Below you can see some of the topics that will be cover on the course.

  • Communicating with the photographic image
  • What is Narrative?
  • Photography and Narrative
  • A small historical overview of photography
  • Photographic practices
  • Research Skills
  • Photography Ethics