Film Photography

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Experience photography in a different way! Film photography is a fun and rewarding way to experience photography. Using traditional film photography can be a rewarding experience, leading you to experience photography in a different way. Learn how to get the best out of your pictures using traditional film cameras. The course introduces and discusses different available film cameras, including 35mm, medium, and large formats, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in terms of camera and film. Learn how to properly expose film and the difference between various film types available. We will also discuss developing your own film, the equipment required and examine options for scanning or making prints from negatives.

Course duration: 2 classes

Week 1

Look at the basics of film photography, different cameras and formats available, and methods to get the best from your film.

Week 2

A practical lesson a developing black and white film. How to easily develop black and white film at home. We will also discuss getting your film developed in professional lab and options for scanning and making prints.