Looking at Images of Urban Space: A Lefebvrian approach

For a long time I have been obsessed with urban space. The obsession has, perhaps, been brought on by spending my twenties living and working in Dublin city during a period of immense urbanisation as part of the Celtic Tiger. In that time, and through the proceeding austerity and recovery, I witnessed a growth that led to improved living standards for some, but also gentrification and a decline in living standards for many others.

Photography and ‘The Market’

How does the market for photography distort the meaning within images, creating its own narrative in the process? As photographers, we are often expected or sometimes even required to sell the work that we make.


There was a time when one may have been asked to provide a photograph with one’s CV/resume. Why did companies ask for this? So they can judge you partially based on how you look in the photograph. The photograph becomes an index to your personality.