Interested in learning how to prepare your images or photographs for booking printing? The course will teach participants the steps to prepare and optimise digital images for printing in a book for the print-on-demand printing process. On the course you will learn how to prepare digital images for your book and the correct layout and format for images. In the course we will use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign but the techniques can be applied to any image editing or desktop publishing software. As part of the course we will also discuss different book binding formats, their advantages and disadvantages and which one may be better for your book.

Course Duration: 2 weeks, one evening a week on March 22nd and 29th (You can book a place on

Week 1

Understand the relationship between digital and print.

Colour profiles and management for print.

Week 2

Preparing digital files for CMYK process.

Preparing digital images for different book layouts